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Make. Pi Appliqued T-Shirt

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pi applique t-shirt

My daughter’s birthday is Pi Day (3.14). Since both of her parents are certifiable geeks, I had to make her a Pi shirt.

I did a tutorial on fabric applique letters earlier this year but I’ve got a few more pictures this time so I thought I’d go over it again.

Pi Applique Tutorial


Heat n’ Bond
Fabric cut to 6″ X 6″
Pi Pattern

The pi symbol I used was printed out at 75%. It prints out to roughly 5″ X 5″. Cut it out to make your template.

Pi Applique Tutorial

I made several appliques so I have a long strip of fabric. Add the heat n’ bond to your fabric. Once it is cool, peel away the paper.

Pi Applique Tutorial

I just pinned my paper template directly onto the fabric. If you prefer to trace, place the template upside-down on the wrong side of the fabric.

Cut out your shape.

Pi Applique Shirt

All that’s left is to iron it on!

I made a few extra appliques to put in my etsy shop. It is just the iron-on symbol (not the t-shirt) and it is ready for you to put on anything you’d like! You can have a pi tote bag or make a cute onesie for your favorite math wiz’s kid.

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