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Stuff I Like. Mohop Shoes

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mohop-spring1We got a little bit of snow here in Nebraska over the weekend but all I’ve got is Spring Fever on the brain!  Today I’m featuring something that I really like.  Mohop Shoes.   They are beautiful, hand crafted, customizable, eco friendly, and fun!  AnnieMohaupt2front

These shoes are so unique.  You pick out which kind of sandal base you like, and Annie will make it for you.  There are elastic loops on the side so you can create your own look by using various ribbons, fabric, yarn, beads or whatever else you can think of to tie them on!  The crafty side of me really digs this.  You can have a different pair of shoes every day!    There is a gallery where you can find all sorts of new ways to tie and wear your sandals. 

Annie Mohaupt, the woman behind it all, shares some behind the scenes info on the Mohop blog.   You can see the workshop and the new machines she uses to make the shoes.  It takes about four days to finish one pair.  Annie mentioned this includes a lot of drying time so it really only takes a few hours over those days to complete a pair from start to finish.  

I’m always inspired when I see artists and crafters take what they love and pursue it as a business.  I couldn’t end this post without including this quote from Annie.  She said, “I feel like crafting is about creating connections between the person who made the object and the person who receives the object.  That is what sets craft apart from all the other everyday manufactured objects that surround us, and what makes a handcrafted item so special.” 







all photos courtesy of Mohop.com

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