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It’s Not Thunder

Posted by christy in Food | Life

On more than one occasion, Carl and I have been watching tv or just lying in bed and he would say, “Is that thunder?”. Nope. It’s my belly. My tummy grumbles have been getting a lot worse and when I went to the dr. last week she suggested I go gluten and dairy-free for the next six weeks and then we will re-assess and see if it needs to be permanent or if I can put some stuff back into my diet (so long, bread and cheese!). I also gave up soda…again.

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This is my replacement. It’s water with cucumber, lime, and lemon. It’s pretty tasty but it doesn’t have the fizzy kick that I enjoy with my diet dr. pepper. I’m thinking of doing this with sparkling water and seeing how it tastes.

Since I’m forcing myself to eat healthier, I thought I better get back to my workout routine that I’ve been avoiding for about 8 months. I’m back to kickboxing.
Healthy life

This morning it felt like I was the punching bag. I totally barfed (I made it to the bathroom) and when I came home I felt like I was going to vomit again so I just rested on the bed and luckily Carl was still home so I had him peel me an orange so I could get something in my stomach. I think the problem was I vomited at the beginning of class and then continued on and my body was like, WOAH THERE PARTNER! It’s been hours since the class and I’m back to my normal self now so I’ll be back for the punishment later this week.

So if you see me around town and I look super cranky, you now know why.

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  • kelly o! says:

    Congrats on getting back to kickboxing. I know going soda-free isn’t easy, but you can do it!! I’m interested to find out of the GF diet works for you, too. I haven’t done it yet, but am considering it. So many people have told me they feel so much better without gluten….