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Oklahoma Trip

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A few weeks before school started I took the kids down to Oklahoma. Carl was still out of town doing his NASA trip so I was driving solo with the kids and the dog. Dakota was my best riding companion. She didn’t whine or complain at all.

Oklahoma trip summer 2013

In fact, Dakota probably had the best vacation. She met a new friend, Cookie. Cookie is my mom’s new australian shepherd puppy.

Oklahoma trip summer 2013

She also enjoyed chasing the ducks and going into the pond. We found out she is an excellent swimmer and can run SUPER FAST!

Oklahoma trip summer 2013

The kids had fun, too! Eva was out on the 4 wheeler with her aunt Lisa within minutes of arriving. By the end of the trip, Eva was driving that thing by herself (with Lisa riding with her behind).

Oklahoma trip summer 2013

Caleb and I had a mom/son date to Incredible Pizza one day while the girls and cousin Kenny were down in Norman. Caleb is obsessed with the Deal or No Deal game and he is really good at it. We were there on a day where you could double your game money so for $30 we ate and played all we wanted and still had $20 left on our game card when we were done (which we gave to cousin Kenny to use later).

Oklahoma trip summer 2013

I had a lot of fun too. It was nice visiting with my family and just chilling out as much as possible. That was really my goal. Low stress. For the most part, it was. I enjoyed a few trips to Sonic while I was there and like that this one had tv screens at their ordering station.

Oklahoma trip summer 2013

It’s the little things, people.

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  • kelly o! says:

    Looks like a fun trip! Dakota is such a sweetheart! Congratulations on the new addition to your family!

    I can hardly believe how grown up your kids are these days! (BTW: I also love that you made a princess dress for Caleb. He looked so happy in that picture!)