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Saltdogs Field Trip

Posted by christy in Life

All of the 5th graders in town are treated to a fun field trip to a Saltdogs game. They are our local minor league baseball team. The school expressed concerns about taking Caleb and said they just weren’t going to have him go. This made me super sad and I said I would do whatever it takes to make sure he gets to go. They did some legwork and we made some modifications to Caleb’s day but he was able to attend!

I picked him up from school so he didn’t have to ride the noisy, hot bus. That way, if things went poorly, I’d have transportation to get him out of there. We arrived at the stadium not long after his classmates. They ate lunch at their seats and they each received $3 to spend at the concession stand. Caleb picked a snow cone. I got one, too! It was SO HOT!

Salt dogs field trip

Needless to say, Caleb had a great time and he was one of the most well-behaved 5th graders there! We had no issues at all and everyone had fun. Even Carl was able to come down to the stadium to be with us. I love that Caleb is showing the teachers that he can be responsible and well-behaved!

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  • kelly o! says:

    What a great field trip!! I’m glad Caleb was able to go — you are such a good mom! I’m so happy that you make sure he has these wonderful experiences too.