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Just Start Spinning

Posted by christy in Life

I am preparing for Yarn School and all I can think about in my spare time is spinning. HOWEVER, I’ve imposed a rule that I need to finish up some other projects first before I go all willy nilly into making yarn. I’m waiting for my spinning wheel to come so I have a little more time before I’m super tempted.

I’ve been working on an afghan for Carl’s dad’s first cousin a friend that needed one finished. It was started by her mother over 40 years ago and she wants me to finish it. It’s slow going because it is crocheted granny squares and it is HUGE! The length of it is 13 squares. Six rows are done, 2 more need to be joined, and I’d like to have about 11 rows. I think that will make it the perfect size for a bed afghan. I don’t think I’ll finish before yarn school but at least this is keeping me from leaving this project to languish again like I have for this past year.

I finished a pair of socks. I still need to weave in the ends but the the weather is starting to be perfect for wearing socks so I’ll be motivated to do that pretty soon.

This is how I’ve been keeping myself busy during the school days. That, along with cooking, laundry, doctor appointments, playing with the dog, dog appointments, and the million other things that keep a person busy during the day. I’m just grateful that I can do all of this now with no children needing my attention. I really do get so much more accomplished! Imagine that!


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