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My Golf Group is Ireland's #1 golf media brand. We provide a number of platforms to golf clubs, hotels and companies who are looking to target the Irish golf market.

Our company has a number of innovative products such as My Golf Society, My Golf Membership, My Golf Deals and My Golf News. We are best known for our popular annual publication, The Golf Society Bible. Together, these innovative products give us the ability to reach all aspects of the golfing market, which ensures all our partners receive exceptional exposure and a return on their investment.

Promote your business to the irish golf market


Promote your business online, through a number of award winning websites. All websites are built with the latest SEO technology, which results them being ranked #1 on Google for relevant search terms.



The Golf Society Bible is Ireland's most popular booking directory for societies and corporate golfers. The publication boasts the strongest distribution network, of any golf publication in the Irish market.



Send live information and up to date offers to the golf industry, through our two dedicated monthly digital magazines, Society Golf and Golf Membership.



Our mobile apps ensure that we keep up to date with the current market trends. Apps are available for My Golf Society and My Golf Deals and are available to download on IOS and Android.


Increase your society business



The My Golf Society website gives golf clubs, hotels and companies the opportunity, to have an online presence on a busy and award winning website. The website is built specifically to target society and corporate golfers. Because of this the website is ranked #1 on Google for all 'society golf' related search terms.

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The Golf Society Bible is an annual publication, which is uniquely designed as a booking directory, for both golf societies and corporate golf groups. The Golf Society Bible boasts the strongest distribution network of any golf publication on the Irish market. A feature in the next edition is a must!

The golf society bible

Distribution channels


Print run


Society organisers


Golf club managers


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Digital magazine

Society Golf is a digital magazine, which will be published each month, from November to February. The purpose of the magazine is to keep societies up to date with current special offers form all our partners.

Society golf monthly edition

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Social media

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Over 70% of societies use our products to gather information and book directly with the golf club.

Generate both direct and indirect business


OVER 800

Golf events booked
each year


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The My Golf Membership website gives golf clubs the opportunity, to feature on a busy golf membership themed website. The website is built specifically to target golfers who are looking for membership deals and is ranked #1 on Google, for all "golf membership" related search terms.

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Digital magazin

Digital magazine

Golf Membership is a digital magazine, which will be published each month, from November to February. The purpose of the magazine is to give golf clubs, the opportunity to promote "up to date" membership offers, at different stages of the year.

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Everyone loves a deal

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Deals will be promoted through our dedicated mobile app. The My Golf Deals mobile app is available to download on both IOS and Android.



Social media

Deals will be promoted through our social media platforms (Facebook & Twitter).
Organic followers: Facebook - 8,000+ Twitter - 3,000+
Paid social media campaigns: Reach of 270,000+

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This product gives you an excellent opportunity to generate additional revenue streams. Increase your revenue by selling deals through our product.

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This is a great opportunity to target new customers and more importantly, encourage them to return, which will increase your repeat and loyal customers. Traditionally, most deals are used during off peak times.

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Promote your brand to thousands of active golfers

Our weekly newsletter service, gives golf clubs, hotels and companies the opportunity to promote themselves, to a large database of Irish golfers. The newsletter is sent out to a database of over 20,000 Irish golfers, once each week and can be used to promote society deals, membership deals, open fixtures, play & stay offers or just for general brand awareness.

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My golf news

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Promote your brand to the Irish Golf Market!

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media kits - Archive - Stamping and Paper Crafts
Header image

candy cane wrappers

This project is a quick and simple way to make some wrappers for pencils, candy canes, lollipops, or whatever else you can think to slide through the slits.

Gather your supplies.

Learn how to make pencil or candy cane wrappers

I took this picture before I started making these so there are a few items pictured that I didn’t use and a few items that I had to add later.

Here is the list:
paper trimmer
corner rounder
slit punch
scallop punch
pencil or candy cane

Learn how to make pencil or candy cane wrappers

Using your paper trimmer, cut the paper for the wrapper to 2 inches X 3 1/2 inches. You can get 12 wrappers from one sheet of 8 1/2 X 11 paper. Place the paper horizontally into your trimmer and cut 3 1/2 inch strips. Turn those to trim your 2 inch strips. You will have very little waste if you trim the paper this way.

Learn how to make pencil or candy cane wrappers

Using your corner rounder, trim off each edge. I thought I wouldn’t do this because it takes a lot of extra time–especially if you are making a large amount of wrappers. In the end, they look so much better with the edges rounded. So, I took the time to do it.

Learn how to make pencil or candy cane wrappers

I stamp multiple images on a sheet and then punch them out all at once. This will save you some time if you are making a large number of these.

Learn how to make pencil or candy cane wrappers

I chose a round stamp that would fit perfectly in a scallop punch. I had intended to have this be an extra layer on a different color scallop but since I spent the time to trim the corners, I eliminated this step. There are a number of ways you can embellish your wrapper!

Learn how to make pencil or candy cane wrappers

This is a slit punch. There are a lot of great uses for this kind of punch but this has to be one of my favorites. I turn my punch upside down so I can see exactly where it will be punching the paper.

Learn how to make pencil or candy cane wrappers

You’ll want to punch a slit on both narrow sides of your wrapper. You can eyeball it but I had it a little less than 1/2 inch from the bottom and top.

Learn how to make pencil or candy cane wrappers

Remember that you won’t actually be removing any paper with this punch. Don’t try to pull it off. All you will be doing is making a slit.

Now all you have left to do is attach your stamped scallop and put a pencil or candy cane through the holes made by the slit punch.

pencil wrapper

This project doesn’t need to be limited to just the holidays. Can you image birthday party favors? Halloween candy wrappers? The simple techniques used to make this can be applied to a variety of projects.

Try out this easy project and then share your wrappers with me in my Flickr group.

All products and images used for this project are available from and copyrighted by Stampin’ UP.

dry embossing tutorial

Dry embossing is a technique that can really add a lot to a project. The result of dry embossing is a raised pattern on your paper.

Gather the following supplies:

Learn Dry Embossing Tutorial
Light box
brass stencil
coordinating rubber stamp (optional)
stamp pad (optional)
Learn Dry Embossing Tutorial

This particular project I’m featuring is a stamped and embossed bookmark. I have some pre-cut bookmarks and stamped my flower image on the paper.

Learn Dry Embossing Tutorial

The next step will be to get your light box ready. A light box is relatively inexpensive. It is even better if you can use your craft store coupons to get it at a discount. This small one is available from Amazon.

Learn Dry Embossing Tutorial

At this point you’ll want to turn your stamped image over. Whether you are embossing over a stamped image or not, you’ll want to be sure that you have the wrong side up. The template should be placed between the paper and your light source. You can purchase brass templates at a craft store. I use the templates from Stampin’ UP! because they offer a lot of different options and they match the stamp sets perfectly. The template in this tutorial is no longer available but Floral Frenzy is a good substitute.

Learn Dry Embossing Tutorial

You will need a stylus to trace around your image. These can be found at any craft store and are inexpensive. This one is available from Stampin’ Up for $2.50. Press lightly on the paper and trace around the inner edge of the template. You’ll be able to see and feel how the paper is being raised to the other side.

Learn Dry Embossing Tutorial

It is a little difficult to see embossing in a picture, but I’ve tried to capture here how the image is raised off the page. I also embossed the little dots in the center of the flower.

There are so many different ways to incorporate embossing into your paper crafts. My quick example is this simple bookmark, embellished with a little yarn at the top.

Learn Dry Embossing Tutorial finished product

Tuck this into a book or include it with a gift card and you have a fabulous gift for someone special.

Try out this easy technique and then share your dry embossing projects with me in my Flickr group.