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Promote your business to the irish golf market


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Learn. How to Use Flickr

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Some of you may know that I use a Flickr group as a gallery for this website.  You can go there and see projects from readers, my projects, craft challenge pictures, and there is even a space to have group discussions.  Anytime you want to access the flickr group, you can click on the SHARE icon in my sidebar.  It will take you right there.  I’ve had a few people ask me how it works and how they can use it to post their craft challenge entries (due May 27th, by the way!).  I hope this post can help. 


Flickr is a free photo sharing site that has some great built in tools.  I use these for organizing my blog photos, as well as my personal photos.  image When you sign in, you’ll want to start uploading your photos or videos. 

You click on choose photos and videos and then follow the instructions. 

There are also some great uploading tools you can find if you click on the Flickr Tools page.  You can upload from your email and they have desktop uploaders as well.  I use Flickr Uploadr for Windows.  It is a great application that I can pull up anytime I’m taking the pictures off of my camera.  I don’t have to get online or anything.  From that application I can also name, tag, and describe my photos.


This is the screen that will come up from the web based application if you upload a picture.  It is still not right side up but this is easily fixed as soon as it is saved to flickr. 

This is where you give your picture a title, description, and tags.  You can also add it to a set.  I keep a set for projects, family, and some other things.  Tags are descriptive words that can help you find your pictures in the future.  If they consist of more than one word, you’ll want to put them in quotes.  I always tag my photos with the year they were taken.  Sample tags for this photo might include: 2009, projects,, skirt, sewing.

One of the options you have when you save your pictures to flickr, is the chance to edit them in Picnick.  If you don’t have some other photo editing software you like to use, this is one of the best free applications I’ve seen.  You can add text to your photos, crop, fix red eyes, and much more.


This screen shot shows what it looks like once you have saved your picture to flickr. You have options to edit, delete, and rotate.  You can also set flickr up so you can blog directly from there.  You can make any picture a blog post along with your own commentary.


You can also send to a group.  Joining groups is a great way to meet new bloggers and other crafters.  Of course, I recommend you join my group!  If you participate in the craft challenge you can send your pictures directly to the group with a few clicks.  image

To the right is the screenshot of my group’s homepage.  Any group member can add their crafty pictures there.  There is also a spot for discussion.  We’ve kind of been neglecting that area but I’d love to see it get a little more action! 

I’ve only barely scratched the surface here with what you can do with Flickr.  I hope you take the time to see what it can do for you!

chalkboard vinyl menu


When I was in Kansas City this past weekend, I went to Paper Source.  I love that store.  I have been on the lookout for some chalkboard vinyl but haven’t been able to find something that I like that can be repositioned.  I found some vinyl chalkboard tiles at Paper Source that fit the bill and were in the price range I was expecting (around $20).  IMG_2028

The package included 4 squares (9″ x 12″ each).  I used two of those for my kitchen menu (still a work in progress).  The kids love this and helped me fill in the first few days.  They picked out their breakfast choices and threw out some dinner ideas.

The salesperson at Paper Source was a pro.  She totally used her powers of persuasion to sell me some Marvy Bistro Chalk Markers.  I paid $12.95 for them and even though I found them cheaper online later, I don’t care!  I’m so glad I got them.  They write like a dream and don’t leave that chalky dust all over the place.  You can use them on windows, mirrors, and whiteboards, too.  They go on smoothly and wipe off well.  They also have a myriad of craft applications!  I can cover chipboard or use them on other kinds of embellishments.  I’m really looking forward to seeing what kinds of things I can come up with for these markers.

I also still need to decide where to put the other two chalkboard tiles.  Good thing I can reposition them if I change my mind!

Yanni is coming to the Omaha Qwest Center on Sunday, May 31st and I have TWO TICKETS to giveaway.  Did I mention those tickets include a pass to the MEET & GREET

I’ve blogged about Yanni Voices a couple of times already (including a picture of me with Nathan-one of the Yanni Voices).  The PBS special was amazing!  The CD is great.  My favorite is Deseo sung by Ender.  I can’t wait to meet them and I’d love for you to have the chance as well.

Would you like to win? 

This contest is open to ANYONE that can get to Omaha for the concert or would like to gift the tickets to someone that will be able to enjoy it.  You can enter more than once!  Here’s how:

  • Comment on this post.
  • You can comment each time you tell someone about this giveaway (blog, facebook, twitter, email, etc…).  Include the link.
  • Do you subscribe or follow my blog?  Comment and you’ve got another entry!

That’s it!

You have until Thursday, May 21st to enter.  I’ll draw the winner on Friday (using  If the winner fails to respond or contact me by Sunday, May 24th I’ll draw another winner. 

Today I am at a conference in Kansas City. It is Chicks Who Click and I just happen to be one of the presenters. This week’s etsy features were inspired by Chicks Who Click! Hope you like them.

Plus, how cute is the little chick pirate? Love it.

This etsy mini has since been replaced with a screenshot.


Here’s a link to the video of Caleb on the news*.  It is on the right and it is labeled Special Boy with Special Gift. 

Once I get back home I’ll be able to embed a captured video in this spot, but for now this will have to do. 

Enjoy it. 

*Caleb’s still only 6. 


Caleb was filmed today at school for a special interest news story that will appear on Channel 8 at 5pm and 10pm tonight. 

He played the piano for his classmates, was very bossy, and told the reporter I taught him how to play the piano (not quite, but thanks!). 

IMG_2023 He loves to be the center of attention and has us in tears laughing at how he controlled the class.  He kept telling them to raise their hands and that he wouldn’t call on them unless they followed directions. 

I’m pretty sure there will be video available online after tonight and I’ll be sure to share it with all of you that are out of town and would like to see it.  I’m glad I brought Carl with me this morning so HE could get interviewed and not me! 

mini patchfolio

IMG_2021 I’ve had the mini patchfolio pattern as a favorite in my bookmarks for some time now.  But, I couldn’t justify the $12 price tag for a pattern.  However, just a few days ago I decided that I loved it so much that I needed to have it.  I bought the small books pattern that includes three different projects.

First off, let me just say that the patterns are well written and beautiful.  I ordered it on a Wednesday morning and by Thursday morning the pattern had arrived in the mail.  Granted, it was just coming a few states away but to have a one day turnaround was amazing to me!

These patchfolios are meant for the jr. legal pads you can find at office supply stores.  Part of the reason I wanted this pattern is because I have two packs of these (about 24 pads) hanging around my house and I thought they would make cute teacher gifts.

IMG_2022 I made this one to match the bag I made back in February.   It just so happens to match the belt I made, too.  The other patchfolio I made using red gingham.  I thought that would be a good choice for a generic gift sometime.  Living in Nebraska, you can never go wrong with something red.

The craft apple patterns are now licensed to allow for sales.  You can make up a batch or two and sell them at craft fairs or in your etsy shops.  They are quick enough to make and take less than 3 fat quarters to make.  In fact, I might place some in my shop once I get the technique down a little better.  All in all, this pattern gets a thumbs up from me!

I just installed a new commenting widget called Intense Debate.  This should be the first post that uses it. 


What do you think?  Try it out for me and tell me if I should keep it or not.

My Little Quincy.

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We love The Little Einsteins at our house.  Caleb loves for us to pretend to be the characters.  He is always Quincy (with the trumpet).  Carl is Leo (the conductor), Eva is June (the dancer), and I’m Annie (the singer).  He loves for us to act out certain scenes from the show.  Last night Caleb did a little impersonation of his own.  IMG_2007What do you think?  Quincy or Louis Armstrong?  

upcycle a dress into a skirt

Yesterday I was cleaning up some clothes and came across a dress of my daughter’s that was a little too small.  It was still in good shape so I thought I might chop it up and make it into a skirt.IMG_2011

Chances are, if you have a little girl, you have a dress like this one lying around.  It is just a knit dress with a tiered bottom.  Perfect for turning into a skirt!

The first thing I did was measure some elastic against my daughter’s waist.  I know this probably isn’t the most precise way to figure out the measurement, but it is the quickest!  It’s just elastic, right?  No need for precision.  IMG_2013

Once I had the elastic cut to her size, I cut the dress at the armpits.  This left a few inches of fabric above the beginning of the tiers.  This is what will now be my elastic casing.

My most clever moment of the evening came when I realized that I could sew the raw edge to the seam from the beginning tier!  IMG_2012This would mean that you wouldn’t be able to see any of my sewing!

I folded the top inside to the seam and then pinched it together.   Actually, my husband folded it for the picture.  Anyway, you’ll take that to your sewing machine and zig zag all the way around being careful to leave a 1-2 inch opening so you can thread your elastic through.


Place safety pin on one end of your elastic and thread it through the opening.  Be careful not to twist the elastic and make sure the other end doesn’t go through the hole.  When it is all the way around, stitch the elastic to itself, slide it up into the casing, and stitch the opening closed.

Now all that’s left is to take pictures of the finished product!  This was the most difficult part.  You can catch a glimpse of blurry little hands that can’t wait to get a hold of their “new” skirt!  IMG_2015

I think she likes it!  IMG_2018