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Promote your business to the irish golf market


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Digital magazine

Golf Membership is a digital magazine, which will be published each month, from November to February. The purpose of the magazine is to give golf clubs, the opportunity to promote "up to date" membership offers, at different stages of the year.

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This is the blog post where you all realize how pathetic I really am (if you haven’t already).  I should also mention that there will be bosom talk later in this post so if you’d rather not read about them, close this browser now.

Usually I watch The Biggest Loser and I eat chips or ice cream.  I’m a rebel, I tell ya.  Something happened to me this morning and I decided I was going to do the Couch to 5K program.  I hop on the treadmill and start off really well.  I’ve got my tunes blaring in my ears.  Eva is cheering me on. Then I get to the running part.

Egads.  My bosoms are too huge for this.  Even with my industrial strength, Oprah approved bra, they weren’t made for this sort of movement.  What the heck was I thinking?  In my defense, I lasted 10 minutes.  I was supposed to go for 20.  Then I read the warning on the treadmill that you should get off if you’re short of breath.  Um, isn’t that the point of a treadmill?  But I digress.

I think I’ll just have to stick with my (self-titled) Yoga for Fatties.  Although, even then they get in the way.

My dream: somebody with a lot of patience (a la Bob Harper) wants to take me on as a client (for free) so I can blog about the experience, get skinny, or die trying.  OR someone invents a breast reduction surgery that doesn’t scare the crap out of me.

Black Thumb

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I try to be crafty in the great outdoors.  You can read more about it at

miniature garden

I’ll admit that I’m pretty good at crafting.  Even with the occasional FAIL here or there, I can hold my own.  Gardening?  Not so much.   I’d love to be the kind of person that can garden.  I’ve had a container garden in the past.  In fact, I might even try it again.  I’ll just have lower expectations.

Janit is the owner of Two Green Thumbs Miniature Garden Center.  Her product got me so excited that I knew I had to try it*.  It’s a crafty garden so I thought I might be able to handle it.  I was mostly right.

Here is one of the kits all decked out (photo from and ready to go.  The product arrives ready to be planted in a container (or the ground).  There is everything you need to make your little garden paradise.  What really drew me in was the ability to add on cute little accessories.  You can add mini garden gnomes, patio furniture, or even ponds!

As you can see from the first picture in this post, my garden doesn’t look as good as it could. I feel kind of bad posting this review because my execution was lacking.  I have nothing but great things to say about the product.  I just wish I had been able to make mine a little more cute.  IMG_2001

Having said that, it really didn’t turn out too badly.  I love looking at it and the kids really enjoy taking care of it.  My daughter takes some of her little toys out there to play on the miniature patio.

From start to finish, the garden takes a couple of weeks.  You need to plant your mini shrubs and then you’ll want to make your patio.  The actual work doesn’t take too long (and is quite therapeutic) but the concrete needs to cure so you’ll need to let that happen for some time.   I had some ill-timed rainy weather so I needed to make sure my patio was covered and safe from the elements.  I think this had something to do with the dead spot you might have noticed on the very top of one of my little shrubs.   I also messed a little too much with my patio and it turned out bumpy.  I do have enough materials that I can rip it out and try again.

At any rate, I totally recommend the miniature gardens and hope that some of you will try one out.  I’d love to see some pictures of them if you do.

*product provided

I don’t remember the last time Eva just wore one outfit a day.  She is quite the fashion plate.  I decided to take pictures of all her outfits in one day.  IMG_1985

This is how she was dressed when she came up from bed.  Mismatched princess slippers, a corduroy jumper, a pink tank top underneath, a princess crown, and a pink backpack. 

Not long after, she traded accessories.IMG_1987 She ditched the crown and slippers for a more conservative “shawl”. 

IMG_1982 Did you notice her straight hair?  She wanted me to straighten it after she saw me using my hair straightener one morning.  I think she looks much better with curly hair but she was proud of her new look.  Here she is sporting her green ruffly dress.

IMG_1988 A short time later she changed into her Dorothy dress and a brown t-shirt underneath. 

IMG_1989 Here she is in her last outfit of the day.  I’m sure there would have been at least a few more but on this night she left the house to go camping with Carl. 

I can’t turn around for a minute without risking Eva changing her clothes.  Never a dull moment with that one.

circular knitting needle holder

This morning I was doing some finishing touches on my craft closet.  I have this baggie full of knitting odds and ends and I realized that my circular knitting needles are always a mess.  Apparently there was nothing as important to me in that moment than to make a circular knitting needle holder.  IMG_1996 So, I did.

I’d seen some store bought holders, as well as some homemade, and had a good idea of how to make one.  However, I hadn’t seen any with pockets.  I wanted mine to have a few pockets on front to hold some crochet hooks, double pointed needles, and some other knitting odds and ends.

Once I had the vision in my mind, I went to my closet and picked out some fabric.  The white fabric with yarn balls was a given.  I also lucked out in the fabric stash giveaway to find a coordinating print with all of the matching colors.  The pom-pom fringe was an afterthought and a leftover from one of the craft challenges.

I made this up as I went along but I’m really pleased with the way it turned out.  If you try out the pattern, I’d love to see your pictures at my flickr group!

Circular Knitting Needle Holder PatternIMG_1990

Supplies:  one 9″ X 21″ piece of fabric

two 5″ X 6″ pieces of coordinating fabric for the pockets

Clothes hanger

Pom pom trim (optional)


sewing machine


1. Iron over each side of the pocket sized pieces of fabric approximately 1/3″.

2. Top stitch the top of the pockets.

3.  Secure to the bottom half of your long piece of fabric using pins.  Stitch into place along the sides and bottom.

4.  Iron over each raw edge of the long fabric approximately 1/3″.  Stitch arouIMG_1994nd all edges as close to the edge as possible.

5.  Secure pom pom trim to the bottom edges of the long fabric.  Stitch across and do this for both of the bottom edges of the fabric.

6. Fold the long fabric through the plastic hanger.  Making sure it is folded over evenly, stitch as closely as possible to the hanger.

IMG_19957.   Now you’ll want to mark out where you want your knitting needle channels to be.  Mine are approximately 1 1/2″ apart.  Mark them with pins.

8.  Stitch across the width.  Take care not to stitch over the pockets.  When you get to a pocket, raise your pressure foot, slide your work to the other side, and continue on.  IMG_1997

9.  Trim all the little bits of thread and it is ready to use!

10.  Divide your circular knitting needles by size and thread them through the channels.  Hang up the holder in your closet or on your wall!

I whine and complain a lot about how I hate Mother’s Day.  This is mainly because I am selfish and I think everything is always about me. 

I shouldn’t forget that I have an awesome mother that deserves some kudos. 


Here you go!  I’m pretty sure none of you have a mom that is as awesome as mine.  Seriously.

Happy Mother’s Day, Mom!

I couldn’t have done it without all of your support.  For sure.

To see the video announcing my great news, click here

I promise you will not be rick-rolled if you click on that link. 

Big thanks to whichever one of you hooligans nominated me for this prestigious award.

Summer is almost here and I’m already in vacation mode.  I love traveling and I was thinking I could share some things that might make your summer trips a little more enjoyable and carefree.
My favorite find?  A collapsible hula hoop.  Instant fun on the go!
This etsy mini has since been replaced with a screen shot.

Craft Editor Position

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Many of you know that I’ve been the Mom Crafts editor over at Type-A-Mom.  I started there almost a year ago writing a few articles and then becoming the Trying to Conceive editor.  I also did a stint as a managing mom editor for a while but had to let that go once this website and the craft challenge started to take off.  Now that I’m starting to work on Toolulu, there really isn’t time for me to put the energy I know the Mom Crafts section deserves. 

The Mom Crafts editor position isn’t listed yet as available but they will be accepting applications soon.  If you would like to have an opportunity to get published on a major site, you can find out more information at the Hiring Mom Editors page.  I know this might be just the kind of thing some of you are looking for!  Good luck!

IMG_1978I got a large amount of fabric gifted to me and it was overtaking my house.  I knew I had to get it in order.    

I wrote a bit about it over at and if you’d like the specific details on how I fold the fabric or my color inspirations, I suggest you go and read that post. 



Organizing by color is starting to take over my life.  IMG_1979I took this second picture before I started cleaning out my yarn.  I have that organized by color now, too.

My Clutter Diet has really been beneficial-when I work on it!  I can’t wait until my craft room is finished (again) so I can show it off!

When I first organized my craft room I only had enough fabric to fill less than 1/2 of a cube.  As you can see, my priorities have shifted.  Less yarn.  More fabric.  More general craziness. 

I’m going to be clearing out my stamps next so keep an eye out.  I’m going to sell my retired stamps in the next few days.